Beach Bites

Come sample our scrumptious appetizers! Not your average bar food!

$6.95 Chips ‘N’ Mango Salsa Freshly fried tortilla chips served with a cheese dip and our homemade Mango Creole sauce $14.95 Shrimp Skewers Shrimps, onions & peppers grilled and glazed with our Lazy Lizard Coconut Infused Rum served with our homemade Creole sauce $14.95 Lazy Voodoo Shrimp Lightly fried shrimp served with our special “Voodoo” sauce. If you don’t ask we won’t tell $9.95 Chicken Strips Tender juicy chicken strips served with our homemade Mango Creole sauce. You will NEVER find this in your grocer’s freezer. $9.95 Wings Wings Wings Do we need to explain? Choose between Plain, Lazy Banana Vanilla BBQ, Jerk, Buffalo, Sweet Thai Chili or our Lazy Kick @$$, served with your choice of our homemade Bleu Cheese or homemade Ranch dressing $10.95 Lazy Fried Calamari Calamari rings lightly breaded served with our special “Curried Mayo”. $4.95 Cajun or Creole Fries Steak cut fries tossed in our homemade Cajun seasoning $6.95 Lazy Onion Rings Served with a Sweet Thai Chili dip. $9.95 Ribs Appetizer Half rack of “fall off the bone” ribs, braised then grilled with your choice of our Lazy Banana-Vanilla BBQ or Jerk sauce

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